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Night presentation of the film "Heart's Boomerang"

On September 26 in the capital's cinema club "Fitil" on Frunze Emb. was evening the film company FASTMOVIE. Anastasia Ragozina invited friends to watch the film by Nicolay Homeriki "Heart's Boomerang" - one of the most talked about and controversial films of the main program MIFF, which was received a special prize of the newspaper "Kommersant". This was one of the few opportunities to see the film in original format - the large-format film, as the director intended, who made this movie in black and white on classic film technology.

For all guests who included the director of the Department of Culture of the Government of the Russian Federation Denis Molchanov, deputy head of the vice-mayor of Moscow Sofia Trotsenko, Advisor to the Minister of Culture Julia Muzykantskaya, music-video director Irina Mironova, journalist Azamat Tseboev, photographer Elena Ulantseva architect Helen Barlow, producer Anna Zaitseva and historian Eugene Ponasenkov, the film presented the director Nicholay Homeriki and film actresses Alisa Hazanova and Klavdia Korshunova.