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Heart boomerang movie

After the end of the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival, the director Nikolay Homeriki has got the prize "Best Film" from "Kommersant" newspaper for his movie “Heart’s Boomerang”.

Maybe not everyone agrees that Homeriki is the most talented director of Russian "new wave" rolled forward over the last decade. But, no doubts, he has the most easy and glamorous image among all other new directors. Even in the most "complicated" movie "977", he has manages to avoid pathos and profundity of large structures, preferring the improvisation, visual game and "pure cinema".

Homeriki is the follower of the French "new wave" in the old sense of the word. He studied course at the Paris film school ‘La Femis’, worked as an assistant of Philippe Garrel and Leos Carax. That’s why we can bravely say that he took a tradition of movie-making from the first hands. Almost all his films were shown, and some were even awarded in Cannes. His "Tale about the Darkness" attracted the audience with its good-natured humor, with the help of which the life of cops, the single woman longing and the atmosphere of the seaside town full of fresh air and light were shown.

The city becomes one of the main characters of the awarded film "Heart’s Boomerang". In a black-and-white city walks (and drives - as the second engineer in the subway) a young man named Kostya, who doesn’t really know what should he do with his own life especially after he learns that he has a heart condition and he can die any moment. The source of inspiration – again, the French one – is the movie of the “new wave” director Agnes Varda "Cleo from five to seven". But the interpretation is very Russian, which is the main plus of the film. Nikolay Homeriki has combined in his films two different cultures, bringing together their advantages and putting down their disadvantages. The fact is that in his films you won’t see any Russian “heaviness” or French “primness”.